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Some of the software we offer


Our own custom SIP-based soft phone for PC's which makes it possible to make and receive calls, Instant Messages, and access third-party hosted applications directly from your desktop, within the soft phone app!

NuFone™ facilitates easy and effective communication management with an intuitive interface, accommodating multiple calls.

Call functionality includes the ability to switch between two calls, merge and split calls and perform attended and unattended transfers. It also supports video conference without MCU support.

Advanced security settings allowing for secure call signalling and audio encryption.

It supports up to 1080P video call with H.264 and VP8 codec, and supports HD audio call. Codecs offered includes: G.279, G.711a/u, Opus, AMR, AMR-WB, G.722.1, iLBC, GSM, SPEEX-WB.

GS Wave

A softphone application that allows users to connect to their SIP accounts from anywhere in the world. Utilize on any Android or iOS device to increase mobility and stay connected.

Expand your communications solution by linking your desk phone to your mobile device to keep in touch with your business and residential accounts while working remotely or traveling.

Can integrate with up to 6 SIP accounts and supports essential call control features such as 6-way voice conferencing, 24 virtual BLF keys, 2-way video calls, and so much more.

Supports G.711µ/a, G.722 (HD-audio), G.726-32, G.729, GSM, iLBC, Opus and Speex codecs.

Security features include SIP over TLS and 128/256-bit SRTPUp to 6-way audio conference, and 24 virtual BLF keys. Creation of QR code for automatic provisioning.


Combining voice and video calls in a user-friendly interface, CounterPath Bria Solo softphones help you seamlessly transition from a traditional phone environment to the world of Voice over IP.

Bria Solo provides desktop and mobile softphone applications that facilitate best-in-class calling and robust call control features. Whether used for inbound or outbound calls, Bria makes it easy to integrate contacts from various sources, streamline communications, and manage calls from one easy-to-use interface

Supports G.711µ/a, G.722 (HD-audio), G.726-32, G.729, GSM, iLBC, Opus and Speex codecs.

Bria Solo lets users integrate their address books with Google and Microsoft Outlook, as well as iOS and Android contacts. Additionally, users can leverage the Bria Desktop API to further customize their application use.