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We're always focused on building relationships and understanding our Client's needs.
Our consultative approach with Clients is at the core of how we provide creative and agile solutions to bring the results you want and need.

leadership team

Jayson Millson, CEO

Jayson is a founder and partner at Your Voice. He has more than 27+ years of experience in call centre operations, automated communication, data management and analytics, insight driven marketing, marketing automation, self-service optimization, and workforce effectiveness.

Jayson is highly skilled in the use of SIP and VoIP solutions used in PBX applications, along with SMS, Chat, and interactive web-based channels to deliver unique customer experiences.

He is certified on premise based dialing platforms; Aspect, Melita Divine Conversations, Concerto Ensemble Pro, Castel Connects, and has advanced knowledge of various web based hosted Voice Broadcasting applications.

When he isn’t architecting another cool communication solution for his Clients, you can find Jayson in the gym, on the ski slopes, or spending time with his family and friends enjoying all that life has to offer.

Jayson is a strong believer in the Latin Proverb ~

“If there is no wind, row.”
Christopher Lamb, CTO

Christopher is a partner at Your Voice and oversees Research and Development of the solutions offered. He has 17+ years of experience in finance and payment systems, stored-value/loyalty card technology, and telecommunications industries.

His proficiency in several different programming languages, Linux based operating systems and a presence in the open source community makes him a driving force behind many creative and forward-thinking solutions.

Christopher possesses certifications on various automated dialing systems and is an experienced project manager, having managed several POS integrations.

When he isn’t working with his team coding the newest and coolest solution, he can often be found scouring the internet for interesting and industry changing ideas, mastering the gaming world, or totally disconnecting and working his family farm.

Chris approaches his work with the belief ~

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” ~ Aristotle
Gordon Hough, CFO

Gordon is a founder and partner at Your Voice. He has, over the course of his career, held several executive leadership roles, including: CEO, CFO, VP Operations, and VP Sales in the equipment distribution and financial services industries.

Utilizing his engaging, personally inclusive leadership style combined with his functional expertise, Gordon consistently builds and retains strong talented teams, characterized by a high level of accountability. He has a history of being a committed and dedicated leader focused on delivering results on time and in line with profitability and portfolio quality requirements.

His diversity of executive leadership experience made him well suited to help guide the risk management side of the business.

When he takes some down time (which is rare), you can find him pursuing his passions: alpine skiing, and his wife Linda. Gordon is also quit skilled in the kitchen; his gourmet burgers are renowned!

Simon Howard, SVP

For more than 20 years, Simon has been offering insight and strategic direction to businesses in the contact centre industry; most notably those in accounts receivable.

Simon’s past experience includes: consulting for multiple leading credit bureau firms advising key clients on both data and technology; building a unique digital CRM solution for the EMEA B2B market space, developing a risk monitoring technology platform for a global credit insurance business, and over 10-years’ experience as a credit and collections professional for a global energy provider, two global telecommunication firms and an international digital construction equipment specialist.

Simon has been a regular speaker at numerous industry events, sharing insights on how to overcome the challenges faced today which include navigating regulation, how to seek internal investment and build a business case and how to optimize your existing technology solutions.

We are excited to have Simon as a senior member of our leadership team!