Data Services


We have a number of data services available to you.

Whether you need to find phone numbers, addresses, identify wireless phone numbers, or you want to enhance the data you already have, we have the data to meet your needs!

We'll even assist you with registering and managing your National DNC (Do Not Call) registration and databases.

Below are some of the data services we offer. ..
Use our Wireless Wash service to scrub phone numbers and
determine whether they are Landline or Mobile,
to increase your messaging opportunities!

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Enhanced Append: Provide us with a Customers Name, Address and/or Phone Number, and we can provide you with any of the following:

- Income
- Age
- Home Ownership Status
- Family Status
- Education
- Job Type
- Household Size
- Dwelling Age
- Dwelling Type

This information can help you make tactical decisions when determining your Customer communication strategy. This information can also be tagged to any of our other Scrub & Append services.

Phone Number Ping: We “Ping” each telephone number you provide and supply you with an indicator of “Valid” or “Invalid”. Phone numbers identified as Valid are ready to be dialed. Phone numbers identified as Invalid are Not-In-Service and those Customer records will require a Phone Append.

Wireless Wash: We will wash your list of Canadian and US telephone numbers and determine if they are Residential or Wireless, and which Carrier they are associated with. We can also flag which numbers are active and valid to dial, saving you thousands of minutes and dollars in wasted resources dialing telephone numbers for records you should be scrubbing instead.

Address Wash: There’s nothing worse than sending mail and having it return days later, because the City or Postal|ZIP Code was incorrect, partial,or even missing altogether. Our Address Wash will update incorrect City names, ensuring they match the Postal|ZIP Code you have. If the Postal|ZIP Code is partial or missing, we’ll update it based on the Address and City information you provide.

Phone Append: Our Phone Append service updates records with missing phone numbers, using a combination of the Name, Address, City,Province|State, Postal|Zip information you provide. This service is available for both consumer and business records, across Canada and the United States.

Address Append: Address Append will cross-reference the Names and Postal|ZIP Codes you provide, against our multiple proprietary databases, and return an Address and|or Telephone Number match. Available for Canada and the United States.

Occupant Append: Do you have a list of target Addresses, with outdated or missing names?Our Occupant Append service will help! Occupant Append provides you with the Name and|or Telephone Number of the current occupant at a specific address. You can then personalize direct communication to the address; which means your communication will be more likely to get noticed. Available for Canada and the United States.

RPC (Right Part Confirmation) Append: Our RPC service will compare your list to our multiple proprietary databases of Canadian and|or US consumers and businesses. When we identify a match with our data, it’s tagged as “valid”. Your business will benefit in knowing these records can be direct mailed or called, with a high degree of certainty that your message is reaching the right party.

safe, secure &reliable solutions

privacy and security are important to you and your business

the methods we use and the technology we provide
keep information and data safe and secure


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