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Interactive And Proactive – Engage Customers and Visitors with Nuvana™ Chat!

When your customers really need to connect, our Live Chat solution provides an easily accessible option in real time. Our application is easy to use and can be embedded on your website with just a few lines of HTML code.

nuvana™ chat features

Simply launch a web browser on any computer to begin providing Live Chat assistance

Embed our chat window on your web page, or open a new window when the chat icon is clicked

Transfer|Escalate chat sessions and connect customers to an agent who can further assist them

Party"is typing" indicator – (visitor and operator) are notified when the other is typing a message

Operators can request chats with one another to relay messages internally

Faster than typing, create canned responses for quick answers to frequently asked questions

Pass documents back-and-forth between Agent and Customer

Evenly distribute chat requests with round robin or defined order, like a traditional ACD environment

Set the maximum concurrent chat limit for each operator

Loop the chat request to online operators more than once

Display a chat invitation image to the visitor and lend assistance, proactively asking to chat

Automatically invite visitors to chat based on specific triggers on your page; number of times they visit or length of time they are on the page

View refer URL, browser type, footprints and other visitor information in real-time

GeoIP Information – view the country, city and the map location on Google Maps

Social Media – display social profile links within the visitor chat window

Chat greeting, offline message, email settings and more, for each department you configure

Tiered support with hidden departments

One operator can manage and support multiple departments

Automatically set departments OFFLINE at a specific time

Receive a helpful pop-up notification box directly on your computer desktop when a chat is requested

New chat request mobile SMS alert – never miss a chat request!

Allow customers to rate the level of chat assistance at the end of every chat session

Offline messages (leave a message) are saved for tracking and reference

Monitor your chat traffic throughout the day to gather traffic trends and reports

URL click tracking – captures click through rates of URLs and ad campaigns

Track the total duration the operator has been online with built-in automated time cards

Track the visitor page views, footprint data, referring URL that brought them to chat

View reports showing performance trends and daily chat activities

Chat rating, view IP's, traffic monitor settings and more, for each operator

You can manage and administer your Chat service,
or our Support team is happy to do it for you!

safe, secure &reliable solutions

privacy and security are important to you and your business

the methods we use and the technology we provide
keep information and data safe and secure


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