SMS Text Messaging

SMS MMS (Text and Image Messaging)

We’re all connected to our mobile devices, so why not connect your business or organization through text?

Instantly Connect Your Business or Organization With Your Mobile Contacts today!

Nuvana™ SMS allows you to communicate easily and quickly with Customers, Consumers, Constituents, through one of the most cost-effective and preferred channels.

With both One-Way and Two-Way messaging capability, for SMS and MMS messages, we’re confident we will provide you with the right messaging solution to keep your business connected, responsive, and at the front of everyone's mind.

Our solution can be integrated with legacy or hosted solutions through our API’s, and is compatible with 100% of telecommunication carriers across North America and over 800 networks globally.

Nuvana™ SMS can also be combined with Voice, Chat, and Email messaging to provide a completely unified communication strategy.

As an example, if a Voice message is not answered on the first attempt, you could automatically deliver a personalized SMS message on the next attempt, with a Web Chat link for the Consumer to select if they wanted to extend the conversation. If the SMS is not responded to, an Email can then be sent to the Consumer to motivate a call to action.

We understand the importance timely and effective communication plays in maximizing Connect rates and ultimately Right Party Contact, to deliver important information and stimulate Consumer response.

Contact us today, and let's talk about how we can get your business connected quickly!
Use our Wireless Wash service to scrub phone numbers and
determine whether they are Landline or Mobile,
to increase your messaging opportunities!

sms & MMS features

Message Length: Standard SMS Character limits are 160 – Nuvana SMS can do more than 160 characters; we use a method of "stitching" messages, with characters exceeding 160 characters, into 1 delivered message, helping you avoid the dreaded “1 of 2 – 2 of 2”

DNC: We'll help manage and administer your DNC (Do Not Communicate) lists when people respond with "STOP" or "Unsubscribe"

Message Content: Include your phone number so Customers can click-to-call your business, or a URL link taking people to your website or a vanity page we've created for your business.

You can even include a link to a Live Chat option; allowing the person receiving your message to Chat with your Representatives directly.

Customize your message content with dynamic information (Names, Dates, Amounts, Services, etc..) so your messages are personalized to the person receiving them.

SMS-enabled Phone Numbers: We can help you SMS-enable your 10-digit phone number, your Toll-Free number, or any phone number you have us host for you. People receiving your messages can then reply by text or call you back directly if they prefer to speak with you. Or, if you prefer a dedicated Short Code, we can help with that as well!

Key Words: Set custom Key Words for Inbound SMS messages you receive, allowing for instant automated responses to go back out to the people you're messaging and reducing the need for Representatives to take unnecessary calls.

safe, secure &reliable solutions

privacy and security are important to you and your business

the methods we use and the technology we provide
keep information and data safe and secure


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CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association)